Seize My Destiny
September 18th, 2012

Seize My Destiny

On Hiatus for New Projects

Hello dear readers! Small World Comics is currently on hiatus in favor of new projects. What are those projects? Two books have been inspired by the “Reasons to Hate Cats” cartoons which originally appeared in Small World Comics. Please check out my latest published works:

New projects and new books are underway. They must get out of my head, into ink and then to pixels to share with you. Let’s stay in touch and I’ll be sure to share once I have something ready.

Alabama Politics: Amendment 1 Vote

Did you know Alabama goes to the polls on Tuesday, 9/18? See my latest Birmingham News editorial cartoon. For the record, this is not an endorsement for a “yes” vote!

The Great Contest of 2012

Like every election year before it, this one is the most significant one ever. The results of the coming contest will have profound repercussions for years to come! See my latest editorial cartoon in today’s Birmingham News.

Alabama Politics: Helpless in Jefferson County

From today’s Birmingham News, times are rough in Jefferson County, Alabama.  The county commission president, David Carrington, has my sympathies for trying to sort things with the bankrupt government’s finances.

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Birmingham Politics: Birmingham Board of Education Shenanigans

If Birmingham folks were thinking the Birmingham Board of Education meetings were a circus, they’d be right. See my latest editorial cartoon on the ridiculous situation with the Birmingham Board of Education in today’s Birmingham News. For more background on the Birmingham city schools, see the running archive at