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The Creativity Crisis

Creativity scores are going down in the United States. From Newsweek:

It’s too early to determine conclusively why U.S. creativity scores are declining. One likely culprit is the number of hours kids now spend in front of the TV and playing videogames rather than engaging in creative activities. Another is the lack of creativity development in our schools. In effect, it’s left to the luck of the draw who becomes creative: there’s no concerted effort to nurture the creativity of all children.

TV and video games are the too easy scapegoat. Thankfully, the article inspects the role of education. That’s where I see lack of creativity being rewarded. At least with video games, you’re exploring and doing on-the-fly problem solving. Don’t believe me? Try playing through Super Mario Galaxy or figure out how to win at Pokemon.

Alabama Politics: Bradley Byrne and the AEA

For readers in Alabama, I have an editorial cartoon on Bradley Byrne and the Alabama Education Association in today’s Birmingham News. Byrne has been the target of attack ads with all-too-thick Southern accents sponsored by the “True Republican PAC” which is known to be backed by the AEA.