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Alabama Politics: Oops, AEA did it again.

During the 2010 Republican primary for the Alabama governor’s race, a group called the “True Republican PAC” ran ads questioning the political credentials of candidate Bradley Byrne. The farcical group was known to be funded by the AEA, Alabama Education Association. (This was the subject of my previous editorial cartoon on AEA and the Alabama governor’s race.)

During the primary run-off, a mysterious “Conservative Coalition for Alabama” also funded “informative” ads against Byrne.  Now, it has been revealed the AEA was behind the new group and dropped $711,000 in ads. This is not a surprise — but now it’s official.

Legal? Unfortunately. Deceptive? Definitely.

From the Associated Press via
Report: AEA paid for anti-Byrne ads in GOP runoff for Alabama